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Wedding Anniversary Gift Design

Thursday June 15th 2017

If you are married, you may have already heard about the traditional presents you are meant to gift your husband or wife depending on the anniversary year you are celebrating. This is a very old tradition which has been updated in the past few years with a newly revised gift list.

Below we have created a graphic for you showing both the traditional and modern list of anniversary gifts.

traditional and modern anniversary giftsThe standard list of traditional and modern Wedding Anniversary gifts.

Why Design Anniversary Gifts:

What I love about this gifting theme is that it is very easy to incorporate your current range into this category without having to redesign anything or create a brand new range. You can see from our table above, the theme for a first-anniversary gift is ‘paper’. As we already create personalised prints, these would naturally make a perfect paper anniversary gift. So all we had to do was add a suggestion in the product description that this print would be the ‘perfect paper anniversary gift’. However on another occasion, we create a print specifically for this theme so we could title it ‘Personalised First Anniversary Art Print’. This was so we could make the most of those keywords, plus it enabled us to position a product in any anniversary gifting categories available to us.

First Year Anniversary Gift Design
Gift Design Inspiration for First Anniversary ‘Paper’ Gifts.

Paper may seem an easy theme to incorporate into your current gifting range, so what do you do if you want to offer a gift for the more complex anniversary themes? Personally,  I would suggest putting a twist on the theme. For example, for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary, we have a ruby coloured anniversary print. Following on from this, the theme for a 25th wedding anniversary gift is silver so we have a silver foiled personalised art print.

Designing gifts for a fifth wedding anniversary
Gift Inspiration for First Anniversary, Paper Gifts.

The key thing to remember is you do not have to design a gift for every possible year. Instead, just pick the ones which are relevant to your offering.

Finally, I would recommend starting with the first ten years of themes as these are the ones which are celebrated the most so there will always be a greater demand for those

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