Best Ways to Launch New Products on

Best Ways to Launch New Products on

“How and when you launch new products on will really affect its success.”

To date, I’ve uploaded hundreds of new products to Over time, I’ve compiled a few tactics that seem to give our newest offerings the best possible chance to attract views and, ultimately, sales. Below is an outline of each of them. loves a new product, as does its customer base, so I always aim to have a product in the ‘New’ category of their site.
Why do I do this? Because:
1: I know customers want to shop from that category.
2: I know the key to sales is getting seen, so I want to be in as many categories as possible. As a product is only in the New category for its first month on the site, I want to make the most of this.

This brings us to the second factor to consider. Because I always want to have something in the New category, I can’t launch everything at once, as I’ll soon run out of things to showcase. For this reason, I never launch all of a new collection at the same time.

Once you have made sure you appear in the New category as often as you can, your next aim is to help your product move up the rankings/pages of that category as fast as possible, because the higher the ranking, the more views it will get. This is where the ‘relevance’ of your new product plays a part.

Plan to launch products when the customers are more likely to be looking for that specific item. At certain times of the year customers will be searching for specific keywords. You want to launch your new offering when those keywords are being searched for the most. That helps the products to move up the rankings, as they win more views and click-throughs.

You need to make sure you are launching a product when there is an interest, but you also need to make sure you launch it as soon at that season/interest starts so the product has enough time to move up the rankings before the season/interest ends. Therefore ‘timing’ is also key. That means items that are specific to one gift-giving occasion need to be live no later than 6 weeks before the relevant event. Your aim is to end the season with your product on the first two product pages (that would be a fantastic outcome).

Finally, make sure you consider what has got planned. Aim to make the most of dates when you know will be trying to attract more customers to their site than normal. For example, recently I have been planning the order in which we will launch our next collection in time for Christmas. I remembered that the Christmas catalogue normally drops at the end of October/start of November. That always brings substantially more traffic to the site, so I plan to have all the Christmas products live before then.

To conclude, our key tactics when launching a new product are:
1. Stagger the launch of new products so you stay in the ‘New’ category as long as possible.
2. Launch your product when people are most likely to be looking for that item.
3. Launch seasonal products at the very beginning of that season.
4. Make use of the times you know will be attracting more customers to their site.

Do you agree with my points? Maybe you have your own theories on how and when to launch your newest products. If you do, please let us know in the comments field below.

**Important note: this post is not endorsed by in any way, and is simply our own observations.**


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