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So why read my blog…

I’m a successful small business owner, and as is typically the case, the journey here wasn’t always plain sailing. But after many countries visited, life lessons learned, and hours worked, here I am – a fully qualified life coach since the age of 25, and owner of a successful online business.

While living in London working towards my coaching qualification I worked for notonthehighstreet.com, and was inspired by the small creative business owners I saw selling their work on the site. As a painter myself, it sparked a desire in me to revisit my own creative side, and I set up a personalised print company. I loved it. I quickly went from a full-time notonthehighstreet.com employee, to a Partner – and I’ve never looked back! The little business that started at a desk in a tiny London flat is now Milly Inspired Ltd, a six figure turnover gift design studio with a team of employees that just celebrated its 7th birthday!

In my own journey I read a whole host of books, blogs and other materials, but never anything that told me what I wanted to know: how to design and make products that sell. Through trial and error, and a lot of hard work, I made a success of my business, and our products are frequently featured in notonthehighstreet.com catalogues, TV ads and national press. Over these last seven years I’ve learned what sells, what doesn’t, and why. Now that I’m where I dreamed of being, I want to help others to do the same, by putting everything I’ve learned into words.

There is a real need for product design advice for small creative businesses, and the aim of this site is to provide a valuable source of practical advice and support for other creatives wanting to micro manufacture and sell gifts, as well as more general small business advice. Because what’s the point of learning and experience if you can’t pass it on? This site will be sharing knowledge in a range of formats, through blog posts, interviews, free downloads, and future courses to support your business development and growth.

At Creative Business Gems, I truly believe that my success can be your success. Let’s work together to create the next bestsellers!


Please note that some of the links throughout this blog, our courses and other material by Creative Business Gems are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I only discuss the products that I have used with success and companies that I trust.

While I believe there is a strong correlation between creating a successful creative small business and what is featured on this blog, our courses and other material by Creative Business Gems, I cannot guarantee your personal success. There is no “right” answer to running a successful creative small business and while this blog offers a lot of tips and advice, you are ultimately responsible for you own success. In business, there is no guarantee of return or income, only principles and guidelines to aid in the strategy and decision making of the company.

Welcome, I’m Gemma

If you are a Craftsperson, an Artisan, Design-Maker or Micro Manufacturer, looking for product design inspiration then creativebusinessgems.com is a blog written for you.

I have run my own Designer-Maker Business, Milly Inspired, for over 7 years now. Today our six-figure company is still growing at 50%. Learn how to get the same results right here!

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